The next frontier is connection and monetization from various smart speaker systems, allowing you to bring radio back into the family room, kitchen and garage. Don’t settle for a “decentralized” smart speaker system when for a lower price you CONTROL smart speakers via the same interface you control your website. Send contests, events and pre-rolls right into your audience’s living rooms!

Intertech Media is keeping ahead of this growth by adding a full range of voice-assistant capabilties for our web-partners.

Here’s what your brand can share with your home audience via Intertech’s WPB Voice for Alexa:

  • Read your website’s top Headlines with the option to read an entire story.
  • Play your station’s Live stream.
  • Play your website’s Podcasts by name (and include pre-roll!).
  • Monetize! Have a Pre-Roll Advertisement that plays when users make a request of the Alexa Skill (you can change the frequency of how often the ad plays).
  • Advanced Statistics you need to craft your content towards this new medium.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your brand’s Skill name before someone else does! Choose one of our low cost, competitive options below and Let’s Get Talking!

Barter options available!

Headline Reader


w/ 12 mo. extension

WPB Partner Sites Exclusive Offer

  • Unique Alexa Invocation Command
  • Read Headlines from your Website (one Category)
  • Free Submission

Pick Your Audio


per month

or $499 for 2 years *

  • Basic features plus…
  • Custom Pre-Roll Advertisement
  • Headlines from Multiple Categories
  • Play your Live stream OR a Podcast
  • Advanced Usage Statistics

Audio Bundle


per month

or $599 for 2 years *

  • Pick Your Audio features plus…
  • Play your Live Stream AND a single Podcast

Ultimate Audio


per month

or $699 for 2 years *

  • Audio Bundle features plus…
  • Play Your Live Stream AND Multiple Podcasts

* WPB Partner Sites Exclusive Offer, non WPB Partners must pay monthly