App Development

The native apps we develop for customers are more malleable than most.  Where other app developers may have to release a new app version in order you to make structural, cosmetic or functional changes, Intertech Media Apps, can make many of these on the fly without requiring an end user to update.

We’ve been servicing business and enterprise with digital products for over 10 years, so we understand the customer need to make adjustments mid-stream.  Of course app content like news stories, videos, audio streams and images are updated in real time via our CMS, but our apps also “phone-home” to get updated layout, design, advertisement information which then gets compiled into the app reducing customer cost and superfluous end user updates.

Newly updated, the Ozarks Sports Zone app is another content gateway for iOS and Android users to consume the award winning sports content from This video centric app with targeted DFP pre-roll and display ads bring sports to live in real time. and the Channel 1450 iOS and Android app is the sports voice for the Springfield area. For information, entertainment and everything in between, the app has you covered. Delivering high quality video, galleries and UGC content, the Channel1450 app is thought leader in local sports. Unique push notification personalization allows app users to select topics and locations for their app reminders.