Digital Ways to Leverage Traditional Content

Content Management System (CMS)

We designed our CMS to allow content creators to post content quickly and easily one time -- that content will reach the right people via the right delivery platform(s), which by extension reduces the amount of work required on the part of the content creator.  Control all of your brand channels through one central CMS.

No other CMS serving this industry has this timesaving AND revenue maximizing functionality built-in.  Other vendors require loading content to the website, separately again into the email newsletter and yet again into the SMS tool and have no accommodation for pushing that same content to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Additionally, all components of InterTech’s CMS output XML for creation of widgets for use on the station websites OR on other external websites.  That InterTech’s CMS outputs XML for almost every engine means clients can spend more time thinking about widgets, sponsorships and revenue generation than tuning a CMS to meet those needs.

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