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Texting / SMS

SMS allows a wide variety of mobile interaction between clients and consumers.  Our CMS enables five core functions, all of which can be customized.
  1. SMS Inbox: Live, two-way SMS interaction between brand and consumer.
  2. SMS Shoutbox: Show that live interaction to others: On the front end of your website, on your mobile site, on a big screen at an event, or anywhere at all.
  3. SMS On-Demand: Make content available to consumers when they want it.  Our CMS allows you to designate content that can be “pulled down” by consumers onto their mobile devices.  Whether web content, or exclusive mobile-only content, it is all managed from the same central CMS.
  4. Community Alerts: School closings, emergency alerts or any other community-based notifications are facilitated through our CMS.  Community organizations log-in to a secure website and update their status.  Our CMS automatically pushes out updated messages to consumers instantaneously.  Info in, info-out no waiting no worries.
  5. SMS Blasts: Reach out to all consumers or target a specific group via our database marketing tool.
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